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The Mountbatten School Members are the custodians of the governance of the trust. 

The Members are:

  • Mr Sean Flood
  • Mr Samuel Longmore
  • Mr Michael Murphy
  • Mrs Amanda Stevens
  • Mrs Jane Thompson

The Board of Trustees at the Mountbatten School consists of:

  • Six Trustees appointed under Article 50 (appointed by the Members)
  • Two Parent Trustees
  • Two Co-Opted Trustees

Chair of Trustees - Mr Paul Urben (please address all correspondence to marked FAO Chair of Trustees).

Trustees are involved in setting a long-term strategic direction for the school, act as a critical friend to the school and ensure that the school is accountable for its actions. They are responsible for setting policies and objectives, approving the budget, appointing staff and challenging and supporting the senior staff.

The full Board of Trustees meets twice a term, but each Trustee also serves on at least one other committee. A Trustee is appointed to serve for a term of office of 4 years, but can be reappointed or re-elected at the end of that term.  The trustees are below.

Name Appointed by Date Appointed End of Term of Office
Mr Paul Urben Members (Article 50) 19/09/2018 18/09/2026
Mr Robert Le Grice Members (Article 50) 03/10/2019 02/10/2027
Mrs Jane Thompson Members (Article 50) 09/11/2020 08/11/2024
Mr Samuel Longmore Members (Article 50) 01/09/2020 31/08/2024
Mr Neil Hardy Members (Article 50) 01/09/2022 31/08/2026
Mr Phil Humphreys Members (Article 50) 01/09/2023 31/08/2027
Mr Stuart McAuliffe Co-Opted by Trustees 18/11/2021 17/11/2025
Mr Andy Jones Co-Opted by Trustees 01/09/2022 31/08/2026
Mrs Jane Northedge Co-Opted by Trustees 28/11/2022 27/11/2026
Mrs Geraldine Lindsay Co-Opted by Trustees 12/06/2023 11/06/2027
Mr Richard Jordan-Baker Co-Opted by Trustees 01/09/2023 31/08/2027
Mr Kevin Hartshorn Parents 19/04/2021 18/04/2025
Ms Ana Brankovic Parents 01/03/2023 28/02/2027

Governors who resigned in the last 12 months are:

Mr Karl Staples - Co-Opted by Trustees - Resigned 13 September 2021

Mr Mark Edgerly - Co-Opted by Trustees - End of Term of Office 31 March 2022

Mr Andy Gunn - Members (Article 50) - Resigned 7 August 2022

Mrs Jill Hall - Members (Article 50) - End of Term of Office 31 August 2022

Mrs Sofia Meacham - Parent Trustee - Resigned 7 October 2022

Committees and Groups:

Audit Finance and Risk

Data Group

Executive Headteacher Appraisal

Governance Review Group

Governor School Experience Days

Human Resources


Pay and Appraisal

Personal Best Education Board

School Improvement

Staff Appeals

Student Appeals

Student Behaviour Panel

Governance Professional

Julie Gledhill

Contact Information

E-Mails can be sent to

Correspondence to Trustees should be addressed to:

Kate Lewis
Governance Professional
Whitenap Lane
SO51 5SY

Resources and Downloads