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Pastoral Support

The school enjoys the support of a very strong pastoral team. The Head of Year is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive ethos within the Year group (every year group has a Head of Year). They direct year group activities and support the work of Form Tutors within the team.

The Form Tutor is the lynchpin of the pastoral care system. Each Form Tutor is responsible for a Tutor Group which stays together for registration and tutorial purposes, in most cases for five years. Part of the tutor's role is to monitor attendance and behaviour, as well as to maintain an overview of academic progress. This is done through tutor group activities, small group discussions and individual interviewing and counselling. Form tutors support students by delivering a comprehensive Relationships, Sex and Health Education programme.

Contact Information

To contact your child's Form Tutor please email and mark the subject "FAO: Tutor of [tutor group].

To contact your child's Head of Year please email and mark the subject "FAO: [Head of Year's Name].

Year 7 - Mr I Rice
Year 8 - Miss A Jupp
Year 9 - Mr D Waters
Year 10 - Mr H Stonehill
Year 11 - Miss E Seward