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School Uniform

All students are expected to uphold the high standards set by the school.  The visible sign of these is our uniform. We are proud of our history and the uniform is testament to the values we want our students to embrace. In determining our school uniform, we are conscious of family finances and sustainability.  We aim to limit the items that can only be sourced from dedicated suppliers so that as many items as possible can be purchased from the High Street.  We also want to ensure our uniform is as sustainable as possible.  So, for example, from 2023-24 we removed the coloured house stripe from the school tie so that ties could be reused by other students.  We also run a very popular second-hand uniform shop where good condition items can be donated and resold.

We are proud of our school uniform."

If you are joining us as a Year 7 student in September, please follow this link to find out more about your new school uniform.

School Uniform Suppliers

Skoolkit Eastleigh

31 Leigh Road
SO50 9FF
Tel 02380 629095

Skoolkit Totton

Totton Shopping Centre
1 Commercial Road
SO40 3BX
02380 667600


Unit 44,
Romsey Industrial Estate,
Greatbridge Road,

SO51 0HR

01794 511550

The following skirts have been approved for parents/carers to purchase, alongside those offered by Skoolkit and Direct4Logos.  These skirts are from Asda and Marks and Spencer (in Navy).

Please note that all skirts must be worn on the knee.

Here is a brief checklist that you can use to ensure your uniform is correct before you leave home each morning:



Face - no visible (Y10&11 ‘subtle’) make-up. No false eyelashes.

Ears - one spherical, plain silver or gold stud in each ear lobe (max. diameter 5mm).

No retainers (including transparent ones) or other piercings.

Hair – natural colour and no extreme styles.


Blazer – school badges only, must be worn every day.

Jumper – this is optional and can be worn in addition to your blazer (navy, V-neck, long-sleeved, plain knit pullover). Jumpers must NOT be worn instead of a blazer.

Tie – 7 bars and hiding top button.

Shirt – plain white, tucked in, top button done up.

No jewellery – check your hands and wrists, no rings or bracelets.

Nails - nail varnish and/or false nails are not allowed.

If cold - wear a plain, outdoor coat (no leather or denim) over your blazer.

Remove coat when indoors and never wear a hoodie.


Trousers – black, sufficiently loose, not tight-fitting or skinny fit (no jeans or cords etc.).

Skirt – regulation navy, on the knee (from Skoolkit or Direct4logos)


Plain black shoes and laces – business-like leather (polishable) with no visible logos or other colours (ask yourself, would these shoes look smart worn with a business suit?).

Shoes - no high heels, backless shoes, canvas, suede, trainers or plimsolls.

Boys' socks – black or grey.

Girls' socks - black, navy (or white if when wearing a skirt only). Socks should be worn below the knee.

Tights – navy, black or natural (no leggings or footless tights).

Uniform requirements are as follows for all Years (7-11)


  • Black trousers (jeans, cords and similar are not acceptable)
  • Plain white shirt, not patterned or fashionably baggy, tucked in to the waist belt
  • School tie, available from stockists, worn with 7 “bars” and the house colour showing
  • Navy-blue blazer with school badge
  • Optional navy-blue pullover (plain knit, long sleeved and V-necked). Round neck jumpers and hooded jumpers are not acceptable. If the weather is cold, coats should be worn
  • Plain black shoes with entirely black laces. They must be business-like leather and polishable with no visible logos, other colours or contrasting soles. There must be no sports branding and they cannot be Vans.
  • Trainers, Plimsolls and other kinds and colours of footwear are not acceptable
  • No canvas or suede shoes
  • Grey or black socks (no other colours)


  • Plain knee-length regulation navy blue skirt only available from stockist or black straight-legged trousers worn on the waist. When worn, trousers should be sufficiently loose and not tight fitting or skinny fit
  • Plain white shirt-necked blouse (not patterned, no adornments, not fashionably baggy), tucked in to the waist band
  • School tie, available from stockists, worn with 7 “bars” house colour’s showing
  • Navy-blue blazer with school badge
  • Optional navy-blue pullover (plain knit, long sleeved and V-necked). Round neck jumpers and hooded jumpers are not acceptable. If the weather is cold, coats should be worn
  • Plain white or plain navy-blue socks or navy-blue, black or natural tights. Socks must be worn below the knee. No leggings or footless tights
  • Plain black shoes with a low heel. The following are not acceptable:
    • High heels, backless shoes, Plimsolls and trainers
    • No visible logos, other colours or contrasting soles
    • No canvas or suede shoes
    • Further guidance, with examples of acceptable and unacceptable footwear is available for download on our website.

All Students

  • Dark outdoor coat of plain colour only is preferable. (Fluorescent strips advisable for added safety on dark evenings)
  • Leather or denim jackets, sweatshirts, hooded or otherwise, and other outdoor clothing of this type, particularly if emblazoned with motifs, are not acceptable
  • Any coats should always be worn over the blazer, not underneath, and should be removed when indoors

PE Kit

The PE Kit can be purchased from either Skoolkit or Design4logos only. *Items in italic are optional.


  • PE Polo Shirt
  • PE Shorts
  • PE Tracksuit Bottoms
  • PE Sweatshirt
  • School Fleece


  • PE Polo Shirt
  • PE Sports Leggings
  • PE Shorts
  • PE Tracksuit Bottoms
  • PE Sweatshirt
  • School Fleece


Please remember that students may only wear one silver or gold stud in each ear lobe. No other piercing is permitted in school. If you allow your son or daughter to have additional piercings, please arrange for these to be done at the start of the school summer holidays so that there is no need for retainers when they return to school in September. No piercings that require retainers should be undertaken at any other time of the school year, as they will not be permitted.

Jewellery, Make-up and Hair

The only permitted items of jewellery are:

  • A watch
  • ONE stud in each ear lobe
  • The wearing of any other jewellery, including retainers and wrist bangles either by girls or boys is not permitted. The only badges that may be worn are those issued by the school.
  • No visible make-up is allowed. Extreme hairstyles and hair adornment are not permitted. Hair must be natural in colour.

Forbidden Items

The following items are not allowed in school:

  • knives and other weapons
  • aerosol sprays
  • tippex and solvents
  • chewing gum
  • cigarettes, tobacco and other smoking paraphernalia
  • E Cigarettes and vaping equipment
  • abusive substances (e.g. alcohol, drugs)

Students are also advised not to bring cash or valuable possessions into school, as we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.

Mobile Phones, iPods, MP3 Players etc. may only be used in lessons at the request of the teacher , and only when the teacher is confident that their use will enhance learning.  Headphones should not be visible.

At all other times, such equipment, if brought into school, should be kept in the students' school bag. Cover teachers will only allow students to use such equipment if the work set by the normal teacher states expressly that their use is acceptable. If such equipment is used without permission it will be confiscated and parents or carers will be required to collect the item from Student Services.

We advise and prefer that these valuable items are not brought into school.