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Y7 School Uniform

Branded Items (From Skoolkit or Direct4logos)

  • Blazer - navy with school badge
  • School tie - new school tie with Mountbatten logo
  • Skirt - navy, plain, knee-length - Charleston or Davenport style

Generic Items

  • Trousers - black, straight-legged trousers worn on the waist. Trousers should be sufficiently loose and not tight-fitting or skinny fit (jeans, cords and similar are not acceptable).
  • Jumper – this is optional and can be worn in addition to the blazer (navy, v-neck, long-sleeved, plain knit pullover). Jumpers must NOT be worn instead of a blazer. Round neck jumpers and hooded jumpers are not acceptable. If the weather is cold, coats should be worn.
  • Shirt - plain white, not patterned or fashionably baggy, tucked in, top button done up.
  • Shoes - plain black, polishable leather. See checklist below.
  • Socks - plain, unbranded black, grey or navy socks. White socks, also unbranded and without adornments, can only be worn with a skirt. Socks must be worn below the knee.
  • Tights - navy, black or natural. No leggings or footless tights. Students must wear socks or tights, not both.
  • Outdoor coat - plain colour only is preferable. (Fluorescent strips are advisable for added safety on dark evenings). Leather or denim jackets, sweatshirts, hooded or otherwise, and other outdoor clothing of this type, particularly if emblazoned with motifs, are not acceptable. Any coat must be worn over the blazer, not underneath, and should be removed when indoors. Hoods should not be worn up inside the school building.

Shoe Checklist


  • Plain black, polishable leather
  • Business-like: would look smart with a suit
  • Laces must be entirely black
  • Low heel or flat

Not acceptable:

  • Canvas
  • Suede
  • Visibile logos or sports branding
  • Other colours or contrasting soles
  • High heels, backless, plimsolls or trainers

Year 7 PE Kit

From Skoolkit or Direct4logos

  • Navy blue polo or round-necked T-shirt with Mountbatten logo*
  • Black unbranded shorts*
  • Black unbranded socks*

*Alternatively, parents can buy the items above from high street stores. All items must be plain and without a logo.

Optional - all items must be plain and without a logo.

  • Navy blue round-necked sweatshirt
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black sports leggings