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MB Voices Podcast

MB Voices is a student led podcast. Our students choose the topics, plan and lead interviews and produce the podcast - it is by students, for students.

If you would like to get involved, or have a suggestion for a future podcast episode, contact Mrs Vickerage or Mr Hunter.

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  • Episode 7: The Poetry Festival

    Published 10/07/23, by Admin

    This year saw the return of the Mountbatten Poetry Festival. A proud tradition stretching back over fifty years, the poetry festival showcases students’ original poetry compositions. 

    Year 7s were tasked with creating an original poem inspired by the Romantic poets. 

    Students chose to write about the themes of nature, the imagination, childhood and liberty. Their poems cover diverse topics from a love of trees to the life of a homeless child.  

    We are very proud of our wonderful poets and we hope you enjoy listening to their performances!

    Poems and performers: 

    Soar like a snowflake - Jess P 7CBN

    My love of nature - Abigail R 7CBN

    Waterfalls - Ollie H 7CBN

    Nature’s Call - Lucy W 7RAD

    A Squirrel - Samson B 7RAD

    Water Lily - Amy R 7RAD

    Spirits of the meadow - Becca N 7RAD

    Waterfalls across the seasons - Finley R  7MJS

    Life on the street - Rebecca M 7MJS

    Fishing - Luca T 7TRN

    What am I? - Daniyal I 7TRN

    Save our environment, save our trees - Lucas R and Eddie G 7AWS

    The Ocelot - Tyrese A 7AWS

    Down by my home - Bessie I and Amelia W 7AWS

    Plastic Motion - Zac M and Evan S 7AWS

    In the gorsefields there was a tree - Lucy T 7DCR

    A great oak tree falls - Jacob B 7DCR

    Daffodils - Anna L 7DCR

    Bricks - Ollie A 7IBR

    Dreams - Lilly P 7IBR

    Heaven hear - Evie C 7IBR

    The butterfly - Ava H 7HHN

    Where is our home? - Thomas K and Adam W 7HHN

    If only - Isla N-W and Emily F 7HHN

    Nature’s secret - Harriet W. 7ERL

    The Woodland Trail - James W 7ERL

    Our blackbird - Chloe M 7ERL

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  • Episode 6: Why learn language?

    Published 16/06/23, by Admin

    This podcast gives a little look into MFL lessons at Mountbatten and students discuss what they love about learning languages and why they think it is important. You also hear from Miss Rosca who talks about why she learned several languages and what opportunities it has given her.

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  • Episode 5: An Interview with... Mr Portas

    Published 28/11/22, by Admin

    In this episode, a group of students meet Mr Portas, our new Headteacher, and ask him questions about the things that matter to them. From what makes Mountbatten special through the controversial topic of pineapple on pizza!

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  • Episode 4: Sustainability

    Published 07/10/22, by Admin

    This episode features students from every year group and Miss Roodt (Humanities Coordinator) discussing sustainability and how we can all do our bit as a school community to be a bit more sustainable. How can we all be imperfectly sustainable? Listen in for some great top tips from our students and Miss Roodt...

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  • Episode 3: Top Tips for New Y7s

    Published 14/07/22, by Admin

    A group of Y7s talk about their first year at Mountbatten and share advice for Y6 students joining us in September. They share their highs, lows, worries and advice to help Y6 feel excited and prepared for the move to secondary school.

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  • Episode 2: The Music Festival

    Published 06/07/22, by Admin

    We are pleased to take you backstage of our recent Music Festival. Hear some of the performances and our students' reactions.

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  • Episode One: Student Wellbeing and Mindfulness

    Published 12/05/22, by Admin

    Our first MB Voices podcast is a two-parter exploring student wellbeing and mindfulness. Students interview Mrs Russell and Mr Jeffery (Student Support Managers) who discuss their job in school and how we can support you. Later, students interview Mrs Enoux to find out what mindfulness is, how it can help you and how to get started.

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