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The Mountbatten School Mission Statement

We care. We respect. We achieve.

We nurture curious, creative and confident learners who become leaders, ready for the world.

The Mountbatten School is a school like no other. We value our heritage and our traditions. Our ethos is focused on ensuring each and every individual who passes through our gates exceeds their expectations.

As curious, creative and confident young men and women, our students will rise to any challenge and achieve the academic success which naturally follows.

Our philosophy is focused on the qualities we want all students to acquire in preparation for success in the adult world.

  • We want our students to be excited by everything they do at Mountbatten, both inside and outside the classroom, so they leave school as well-rounded, interested and interesting individuals.
  • We want our students to adopt an intellectual approach to their academic work so that they challenge received wisdom and seek solutions to new and existing problems.
  • We want our students to become truly independent, so they can think for themselves and lead tomorrow’s world.
  • And we want our students to be tolerant in their dealings with others, so they step into society with a strong moral purpose, the ability to engage as local, national and international citizens, and with a desire to improve the world.