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Thank you for this fantastic concert. Each and every one of you can be proud of your performance,  beautiful singing,  wonderful playing (I did particularly like the final number) and expressive readings. Congratulations to the teachers and all those behind the scenes who are nurturing these talents. Happy Christmas. Gillian Hughes

Congratulations to all involved. The choirs sounded angelic, the talented musicians performed with gusto and the readers were so eloquent. It was joyous to watch, well done to everyone and thank you for putting our household in a festive mood this evening.

Well done for making this Christmas concert happen despite the pandemic interrupting your plans. Lovely to hear you all sing and play. Happy Christmas xx

We can't wait to watch the performance this evening!


Fantastic performances from our talented musicians,  readers and choristers, well done to all staff and students for the weeks of hard work and commitment leading up to awesome performances all round. Thank you for encapsulating the true spirit of Christmas so successfully!

What a fantastic performance! Thank you for a wonderful Carol service. Mrs Vickerage

Well done to all students  staff and local community members involved. A huge amount of work goes into making this happen and the result is truly excellent! 

My granddaughter Emma really enjoys the carol service and missed it last year. It's great to be able to share these moments online. The musicians at the school are awesome and I can't wait to see this year's performance. 

The musicians are all fantastic. We enjoyed watching them all very much. Such a wonderful thing to be able to play an instrument and sing. . . . My Year 3 daughter has just begun to learn the flute and watching the orchestra has certainly inspired her to keep on going. Thanks so much for sharing! 

Wow! Well done to the children and all the staff involved. Absolutely fantastic and now feeling very Christmas-sy. 

Amazing concert, great music and singing. Well done. 

Hi! This is Mrs Faux here (a Music teacher from 5 years ago - so most of you won't know me!). I listened through to your carol service tonight and thought it was really wonderful this year. I don't know how all of you have managed to reach this level of musicianship.

Very uplifting. Thank you to all who made this beautiful concert happen and for all their hard work.

Thank you for enabling us to still enjoy the carol service, even though we're all at home! Looking forward to seeing it and singing along later! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas break xx